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Wheel of Fortune Policy

Wheel of Fortune Policies
Wheel of fortune was designed for Zonuk members To create an Everlasting Memory To her Children Its A little way Too Ease Stress from Our Users and Fill there Hearts With Uncountable Joy Nevertheless there are procedures and measures to Undertake
How Ever This Policies And Rules Can be Adjusted When Need Be Which is Zonuk’s Right

How to Participate

1. You Must Be A Zonuk Member

2. You Must Have More Than Two hundred (100) Naira In Your Zonuk Wallet

3. Each Spin Cost 100 Naira

4. You Must Know This is For All Users And Don’t Complain or Email Us That you Have not Won As We Don’t Decide Who Wins Its Strictly On Luck

5. Pray Before You Spin Also The Winner Must Excercise Patient As Items May Be Delivered to Different Locations Within 7 working Days

6. Every Winners Details Must Be Uploaded On The Website For Others To See And Be Encouraged

7. You Must Make A video Of Appreciation To Zonuk With The Item Won And Sent to Us For Upload

8. When You Exhaust The Available Cash In Your Zonuk Wallet You Can Fund Any amount of you Choice By Paying To Zonuk Vendors And Get Instant Top Up on Your Account Note Each Top up must Be 1000 naira and Above

9. We Don’t Pay You if You Win While Owing Zonuk So Always Generate Money From Reading sharing And commenting Or pay to A vendor For A specific Top up on Accounts

10. Zonuk Wish You Luck Read Carefully Before You Participate

Rated 18+