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Spotlight slideshower: control all the details of your presentations


Presentations at companies and universities are part of the daily lives of professionals and students. While most people will need to do this at some point, few think about preparing with a slideshower.

At first glance you might think that this type of accessory is a mere luxury. However, there are many reasons to include it in your company’s office supply list or purchase a unit for personal use. The benefits that can be added to your presentations are worth the investment.

Spotlight: small device with big impact

One of the most powerful accessories to make your presentations even more professional is the Spotlight slideshower . It is a slideshower manufactured by Logitech that brings much more features than simply passing slides on your PC screen.

Lightweight, compact and elegantly designed, it has exclusive software capable of adding very useful functions to your presentations. Starting with the freedom of movement in the environment, since it works at distances of up to 30 meters from the base, that is, your PC’s Bluetooth. 

Another powerful feature is the Spotlight mode. Essentially, it’s a kind of mask applied over the screen to highlight certain parts of the slide, giving the effect of zooming in. In other words, say goodbye to that tip of light used for nominations: you can do something much better than that and your viewers are sure to be impressed.

Motion sensor makes presentations more rhythmic 

Forget those pauses to play video content. The Spotlight slideshow also has a feature that lets you play by pointing at the screen. Again, this is a mask applied to the content that responds to your movements. It works as if it were the mouse cursor and “clicks” on the indicated points.

Another great tool added to the accessory is the custom timer. You can see on your computer screen a timer that starts after the first slide, indicating if the pace of the presented content is within the available time. In addition, it is possible to configure multiple timers with vibrating alerts sent to Spotlight, all this discreetly and without the need for external assistance, so you are in control until the last slide.  

The accessory is compatible with Windows and MacOS operating systems, in all their versions, in addition to the most used software on the market, including Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Keynote, Adobe PDF, Google Slides and Prezi.


Spotlight slideshower: technical specifications 

Considered one of the most powerful accessories of its kind available on the market, the Spotlight slideshow also stands out in its technical specifications. Check out more details about the best companion a presentation person can have.

  • Sensor technology: accelerometer and gyroscope, with Invensense 3D technology;
  • Air mouse: move the cursor with gestures and click like a mouse;
  • Number of buttons: 3;
  • LED indicator: connectivity and battery indicator;
  • Battery: Lithium polymer battery (85 mAh);
  • Battery life: up to 3 months on a full charge, 1 minute charge guarantees 3 hours of presentation, 1 hour for a full charge;
  • Charging port: USB-C with supplied USB-A to USB-C cable (13 cm);
  • Gray color;
  • Wireless operating distance: up to 30 meters;
  • Button Life Expectancy: 1 million clicks;
  • Material: aluminum body and anodized plastic parts;
  • Connectivity: USB-A receiver for Logitech Proprietary 2.4 Ghz and low power Bluetooth;
  • Touch mechanism: battery status, distance alert, time management reminders;
  • Drop Test: Withstands drops of up to 1 m.
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