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Notebook support: what are the benefits of using it?


The notebooks definitely took a leading role in business. More flexible, they are the first alternative for many professionals who need to work in the office or at home with the same equipment.

You can choose from several models to meet many different needs in your business . However, have you been using them with notebook support? Improving a support with homemade materials, such as books or other types of support, may not be a good idea.

Unlike what happens with desktops, in the case of portable computers it is more difficult to respect the posture rules, especially when it comes to placing the screen at eye level. 

It is in this context that supports for notebooks come into play , accessories capable of solving this problem and, in addition, increasing the useful life of your equipment. Let’s get to know a little more about the importance of using supports?

Notebook supports: bet on comfort and good posture

Basically, there are two types of notebook stand on the market. The simplest models, intended for a single purpose, and the more complete models, which include a cooler on top. Items of the second type, in addition to being important in their main function, can also increase the life of your equipment.

Let’s talk first about ergonomics. This is the main function for which the brackets were created. They help users maintain a more upright posture in the chair, preventing back pain and injuries. The big secret lies in the possibility of adjusting the height. When the monitor is placed at eye level, there’s no need to keep your head down all the time and bend over the screen — remember that ergonomic precautions should also be applied to the table you use to work. .

In addition, other interesting factors that should be mentioned are related to convenience: they allow you to adjust the notebook’s tilt and angle in relation to the user. Light and practical, most models have adequate dimensions to be even transported with the notebook.

Cooler: extending the life of your notebook

In addition to the benefits of ergonomics at work , notebook stands with cooler are also capable of extending the life of your equipment. 

Excessive heating due to the use of the equipment can harm the components in the medium and long term. The holders for notebooks equipped with coolers have a kind of built-in fan, which helps to cool the temperature of your electronics.

The energy supplied to the cooler is obtained through a USB cable, connected to the computer itself. With the reduction in heat, the equipment operates for a longer time at a temperature below its average, which contributes to components such as the processor and motherboard not getting so hot.

This is the case, for example, of the model AC166, from Multilaser . It has two USB ports, has four adjustable angles, bright LED and is compatible with 9-inch and 17-inch notebooks. 

Other benefits of notebook support

You can already see that using a notebook stand has extra benefits that often go unnoticed. In addition to being practical and helping ergonomics, this accessory is also important for other reasons:

Extends the life of the device

When we buy a notebook, the expectation is that it can be used for as long as possible, isn’t it? The good news is that the use of support for the device makes a difference in terms of its useful life.

As we’ve already mentioned, some support models have a built-in cooler, which serves to prevent the computer from overheating, something that, when it happens frequently, affects the functioning of the computer’s internal parts and reduces its useful life.

Compact and versatile, making it easy to transport and store

Some models can be used off the table, allowing the user to position the notebook however they wish. Plus, as it’s a compact piece, storage is definitely not an issue! Any compartment or drawer in your shelf can be used to store the support after use.

The accessory is also ideal for those who work outside and need to bring their own equipment. Depending on the bag you choose to carry the notebook, it’s quite possible that the stand will fit together. Practical, isn’t it?

Supports multiple types of notebooks

Another plus is the fact that most cradle models work for different types of computers, from the smallest and lightest to the biggest and heaviest, so you don’t have to worry about buying a cradle that is made especially for the your notebook. 

How to choose a notebook stand?

Now that you know some extra details about notebook stand models, it’s time to learn some helpful tips for choosing the product that best suits your needs. Remember: the variety of models on the market is great and the price difference between them is also great. Choosing the cheapest or the prettiest doesn’t necessarily mean having the best product on your table.

Note the size of your notebook

The vast majority of notebook stands comfortably accommodate models with a screen between 11 and 15 inches. However, more modern notebooks, especially those aimed at the gamer audience, may have a more robust construction, with a larger case. Before purchasing, note the dimensions of the stand and compare them with the size of your device. An inadequate stand may not resist and break or leave your notebook exposed to the risk of falling.

Pay attention to angle and height adjustment options

One of the advantages of using a suitable notebook stand is the adjustment options. The most interesting models have three to five angle and height adjustment options, making them more versatile on your desk. Ideally, position the screen at eye level.

Is cooler essential? It depends on your usage

As we’ve already explained, cooler models are best suited for those who live in warmer regions or who have machines that run applications with greater graphics power. Games, image or video editing software are examples of applications that can heat up your computer more than expected. In these cases, the presence of a cooler is useful to avoid problems as a result.

Check the finishing material

Most good notebook holders are finished in plastic, metal or aluminum. However, there are models of other types on the market, such as wooden ones. They are not very suitable because they are heavy, which makes transport difficult if you need to take it from one place to another. 

Get to know the extra features

Finally, there are notebook stand models that bring a lot of extra features to the user. If you find them interesting, it’s worth investing a little more to get them. The list of features can include support for mobile phone and compartment to store objects like pencils, pens, notepads and others.

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