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Cleric Warns Youth To Disease From Kidnapping Activity


A cleric, Rev Tajan Moltok, the Jos Resident Pastor of Shepherd House Assembly International, has warned youths against involving in Kidnapping as a source of livelihood.

The cleric, during his sermon tilted “Power for greater works”, on Sunday in Jos, said that the act was evil.

“Do not join them to be kidnappers; do not be in a hurry to build house or buy car. Do not be under pressure to do evil. Kidnapping may be the quickest way to make money, but the deadliest,” he said.

He urged the youths not to engage in evil ways of making quick money, stressing the need for hard-work, patience and godly lives.

“You must also strive to be educated so as to prepare yourselves for greater opportunities.

“You can come out of poverty by working hard. Look for how to get information that will help you,” he said.

Moltok said that power was the force of advancement and the ability to perform beyond human ability, adding that one could only become the son of God with such power.

“Power is the essence of divinity, it is the essential spiritualism,” he said.

The cleric said that power was required to become the sons of God and make wealth which would unlock potential and impact on lives while advancing the kingdom of God on earth.

He admonished the congregation not to come to God only when in trouble but be in his presence always because He is a Father and loves His children.

Newsmen reports that a special prayer was conducted against satanic powers frustrating the efforts of God’s children and breakthroughs in all endeavours.


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