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How to use Skype to make your meetings more productive


The coronavirus pandemic has made online meetings the new normal in our daily lives. Proof of this is that videoconferencing programs are on the rise. The list of options is large, but few have as many features as traditional Skype.

The Microsoft software is still a reference in regard to online communication, allowing calls audio and video, screen sharing , and even calls to a phone number. 

That Skype is a great option you already know, let’s get to know some extra features that may still be unknown and that can make your meetings more productive.

No need to download

One of the great advantages of Skype is that you don’t necessarily have to download the app to use it, as it used to be in the past. You can even download the app , but it can also be used via browser: with just one click you can start an online meeting, without even having an account.

To do this, simply go to the Skype page and click on “Create a free meeting”. Then, just send the newly created room’s link to your contacts and that’s it: your meeting starts in seconds. Live calls support HD quality and can bring together up to 50 people.

Skype number: international calls at local cost

One of Skype’s longstanding differentiators is its integration with VoIP capabilities. This means that you can make national or international phone calls for a much lower fixed cost than using the traditional telephone system. 

But the most interesting is the unique phone number feature. From a “Skype number” anyone can receive calls anywhere in the world, without the caller having to pay for an international call. It’s one of the simplest ways to chat online even from a landline.

Screen sharing on mobile phones

If you’re on the PC, it’s easy to share the screen with other group members. This feature is present in most services of its kind, such as Zoom or Google Meet. However, what if you are on mobile, how to solve this problem? Simple using Skype.

Microsoft’s messenger has a feature that allows real-time mobile screen sharing. This means that all you have to do is put the call on speakerphone or momentarily deactivate the camera so that the information you see on the screen is seen by others.

Subtitles in a video call

We do not always have a stable connection at our disposal and when this happens it is natural that the audio suffers from it, becoming “chopped”, low or noisy. If listening to what your colleagues say is becoming difficult, then using Skype’s captioning feature can be a solution.

The service automatically recognizes speech and displays subtitles on the screen, in different languages, to make understanding easier. This is a resource that was initially created with the hearing impaired or deaf in mind. However, the feature can be extremely useful for anyone looking for extra features to make it easier to understand.

Video call recording

If you want to make sure you don’t miss any details from meetings or classes, then how about recording the content so you can watch it later? All calls made by Skype, whether audio-only or with audio and video, can be automatically recorded on your smartphone or PC.

In addition to allowing others who have not accessed the content to watch it later, this is also a way to document and record important moments shared with your co-workers, friends or family.

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