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How to open a business without spending a lot of money using an online store


When it comes to “opening a business on the internet”, many people think of an online store . After all, we are talking about the online version of basic human activities: buying, selling and trading. And whoever thinks that way is not wrong. Setting up an online store can be easier than you think – and it can be cheaper than most people think.

Using the right tools, it is possible to put your online store on the internet in just a few minutes. Wix is ​​one of the best platforms for those who want to do this without having too much headache. In addition to allowing you to build the most different types of websites, the service also helps people to transform their ideas into their own businesses, offering an incredible showcase, a powerful management system and indispensable optimization for mobile devices.



Using Wix, you can build your online store in just a few steps. In fact, there are just 5 steps you need to follow to get your business on the internet. Did you think it could be that easy to get your ideas off the paper?

Step 1 – Login or register for free with Wix

The first step is to register on the Wix platform. 

When accessing the page, you will be in the Wix section that deals exactly with the virtual store. We strongly recommend that you carefully read all the texts to stay on top of everything this tool offers.

After completing your registration, proceed to the next step.

Step 2 – Pick a template from the “online Store” category

You may not know it, but Wix is ​​a platform for building many different types of websites. That’s why they offer several categories of templates for you.

But what is a template ?

The template is nothing more than the “face” of the site. The visual identity on which it will be built. Among the various categories offered by Wix, the “Virtual Store” is just one of them.


Therefore, all you need to do in this second step is to analyze the template options offered in this category and choose the one that best fits your business idea. Remember how the public will want to see your online store page.

Once you’ve chosen, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step 3 – Add your business’s basic information

Our next step is very simple. All you need to do is add your store’s basic information, such as the name and a brief description. Although simple, this step is very important: it is through the information you add in this step that people will be able to locate your online store more easily.

Think of names that make it easy to associate with your business. If you’re going to sell shoes, a name like “Loja do João” or “Loja da Maria” might not be a good idea. How about “Shoes of Dreams”? Or “Foot Shop”? These names help you understand what your business is about – and they’re easy to remember.

Be creative at this time. Think about differentiating yourself from your competitors and don’t go for the obvious. A good name can make all the difference to your online business.

Step 4 – Manage your store

The fourth step is the most complicated, but also the most fun to do. This is when we are actually going to manage the store, defining some important aspects for its operation.

The first one is related to products. After all, we are talking about an online store, right? Access your Wix dashboard (or dashboard ) and look for the “Store Products” option. It is through this link that you will add all the items you want to sell, as well as add descriptions and set the price of your products. In this part, spend as much time as you want!


After completing this part, access the menu “Settings” and then “Payments”. In this section you will define which payment methods will be accepted in your online store. Carefully read the description of each option and look elsewhere if you want to learn more about each option.

Finally, you will need to configure the shipping methods as well as important details regarding the delivery of your products. You will find all these settings in the “Shipping and Store Tax” menu.

After completing these important steps, you are ready to move on to the last step of this guide.

Step 5 – Publish your website (and connect it to your domain)

After completing the first 4 steps, you are finally ready to publish your site! By publishing it, you will ensure that people can find your online store on the internet. Needless to say, this is essential for you to make your first sales.

You will find the option to publish your website on the management page. It may be that you have already published it after selecting the template. This means that your online store is practically ready to run at full speed.

What is missing then? The last – and essential – step is to connect your domain and join one of Wix’s premium plans. If defining a name for your online store is important, ensuring that it is a unique and unique name is even more essential.

Our recommendation is that you consider joining the “eCommerce” or “VIP” plans, as they are ideal for those who are building an online store. These two plans offer incredible benefits, such as:

  • No data traffic limit
  • 20 GB of storage
  • Option to connect your own domain
  • Premium support
  • free domain
  • No advertising from Wix
  • Full online store support


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