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How to monitor your pet in real time from a distance


Security cameras, as their name suggests, exist to give us a little more assurance that we, our home, our family, and our possessions are protected. After all, they tend to inhibit the action of possible offenders who know they can be identified by the images of this device. But they go beyond their basic function and are currently used by many tutors to monitor and track their pets at home.

In which situations should I monitor my pet?

If you have a pet and spend a lot of time away from home, you are probably worried or curious to know how your pet is behaving, right?

With Wi-Fi cameras, you can monitor your pet’s routine at any time! Through an app on your cell phone, you can check if your pet is eating correctly, if he felt bad during the day, if he is up to something mischief or even accompany him when he is sick or recovering.

Many things can happen while you are away. Your pet will not always be in danger, but it is always good to prevent possible unwanted situations.

For those who leave the pet indoors or out, concerns can be a little different. For example, if you live in a place that has a backyard and your dog is usually free in that space, it is normal for you to worry about his safety, if he gets very agitated and barks a lot at people who pass in front of yours. home, among other things.

On the other hand, if you live in an apartment or leave your pet indoors, your concerns may be a little different, such as messes, objects that it may have destroyed, among others.

It all gets a bit out of hand when you can’t be around them all the time. But don’t worry, there is a solution for this! With an internal or external camera, you can monitor your pet’s daily life in real time and get rid of the worry once and for all. Check out some of the advantages of having a camera at home and which are the best models.

The advantages of monitoring pets

With a camera at home, you can solve two problems at once. Both the security of your home, your family and pets. This way, you can access, through your cell phone, the internal and external environments of the house, such as the yard, garage, living room, bedrooms, corridors, wherever the cameras are installed.

In summary, check out some benefits that a camera can provide:

  1. Allows you to follow the daily life of your pet through your cell phone, at any time of day;
  2. Security of your home and your pets;
  3. Draw attention, chat and soothe your pet from a distance by voice interaction (offered by some models).

Intelbras Wi-Fi cameras are practical and easy to install. You won’t need to do construction work or rely on specialists to carry out the installation. Just plug them in and connect them to the internet. So you can access the cameras whenever you want, no matter where you are. You can even take it on trips or moving.

And the most interesting of all this is that these devices can offer great savings in resources, as the models have more affordable values ​​than closed circuit cameras.

Indoor camera

One of the best cameras for indoor environments on the market is the iM3 by Intelbras , its images are in high definition and its system is intelligent. Check out its features:

  1. Wide view and high definition images – Full HD;
  2. Movement Notification (sends a notification to your cell phone whenever a visitor arrives at the location);
  3. Artificial intelligence with integrated alarm (internal siren that goes off in case of invasion);
  4. Noise alert;
  5. Voice interaction with the environment (it is possible to see, hear and speak with whoever is in the monitored environment);
  6. Quality monitoring day and night (night vision up to 10 meters away);
  7. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant;
  8. Cloud storage, microSD or video recorders;
  9. Magnetic base for easy installation.

With all these functions, your worries about the safety of your pet and your home will end.

Outdoor camera

Now, if you are looking for an outdoor camera for your backyard, garage or kennel, know that Intelbras iM5 is very complete. As it is outdoors, it has some different functions than indoor cameras:

  1. Full HD HD images;
  2. Built-in microphone (Listen to everything that happens outside your home);
  3. Quality monitoring day and night (night vision up to 30 meters away);
  4. Protection against rain and dust;
  5. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant;
  6. Cloud storage, microSD or video recorders.

Where to install the camera?

Cameras can be installed wherever you find it necessary. Generally, they are placed at strategic points, which allow for a broad view of the environments. Here are some tips for places where you can install the equipment in your home:

  • Indoor environments: bedroom, living room, balcony, places where your pet usually stays for longer;
  • Outdoor environments: garage, yard, kennel and front of the house: these are spaces where dogs generally walk more and have free movement. Monitoring in these places allows the dogs to be safe from outsiders and is also a way to ensure more security for your home.
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