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How to choose the best cordless phone to have at home or on your office desk?


The use of landline phones in homes is not as intense as it was in the past, but in most offices it is still impossible to live without them. So, nothing better than looking for a quality cordless phone to meet your demands.

If on the one hand we know for sure what to demand when choosing a smartphone, on the other hand a cordless phone, apparently simpler, ends up being a mystery: after all, how to choose the best device to have at home or in business?

What to consider when choosing a cordless phone?

Newer cordless telephone sets use a technology called DECT ( Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication ). It results in less interference with other household appliances such as microwave ovens. In addition, this technology allows for greater range in relation to the base and lower battery consumption.

The first thing to note is the number of supported extensions. The “handsets” are more than enough for residential use while for businesses it is more interesting to purchase models compatible with multiple extensions. 

Some models also come with additional features such as caller ID, headphone jack, speakerphone and base ringer. The greater the number of features, the higher the price will generally be. Make sure you really need them, or otherwise opt for more cost-effective models.

Also check the type of battery used. There are models with an internal rechargeable battery while others require AA and AAA batteries. In the long term, the cost may be higher, but in this case, choose to buy rechargeable batteries as well. 

Cost-Effective Cordless Phones: Where to Buy?

Based on the preferences of Contabilista’s consumers, we prepared a special list with 4 cordless phone models that combine good features with a competitive price and proven quality. Your office will be well served with any of these models on your desk.

1. Motorola Gate 4800BT cordless phone

Motorola cordless phone

The first suggestion on our list is Motorola’s Gate 4800BT. It allows you to connect up to two cell phones via Bluetooth, allowing you to receive calls on your laptop when you are nearby. The model has caller ID, speakerphone and is compatible with up to 4 extensions.


2. Panasonic cordless phone KX-TGC350LBB

panasonic cordless phone

Another renowned manufacturer in this product category is Panasonic. Your KX-TGC350LBB has a feature that allows it to run for up to 2 hours in the event of a power outage. Operating at a frequency of 1.9 GHz, the device has caller ID, energy saving mode. However, it is simpler and supports only one line.


3. Intelbras TS3113 cordless phone

intelbras cordless phone

Intelbras is also one of the market references when it comes to telephony. The national company is one of those offering models with the best cost-benefit ratio. This is the case of the TS3113, compatible with up to 2 extensions. With caller ID, it also has a calendar with capacity for up to 70 contacts.


4. Elgin TSF8002 cordless phone

elgin cordless phone

Simpler and more affordable, the Elgin TSF8002 is perfect for home use or small businesses. With support for up to 3 extensions, the handset supports handsfree and caller ID capabilities. The display is backlit and you can customize ringtones for contacts saved in the phonebook.

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