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How to choose a Bluetooth speaker for your home office?


Unlike what happens at the office , when we are working at home listening to music in ambient sound is not a problem. If you live alone or are with people who share the same musical tastes as yours, a Bluetooth speaker is a good option to liven up the environment.

However, how to choose a speaker taking into account the use in home office ? In this case, there are some essential features to note. You won’t need, for example, so much power, after all, for ambient sound, simpler models do the job with peace of mind. 


Check which version of Bluetooth

The technology that allows the connection of the smartphone or PC with the speakers is Bluetooth. This protocol is currently in version 5.0, but it is common to find models on the market that are only compatible with versions 3.0 and 4.0. But what changes from one version to another?

The answer lies in the baud rate. Bluetooth 5.0 supports baud rates up to 50 Mbit/s, while 3.0 and 4.0 models only support 24 Mbit/s and 25 Mbit/s, respectively. So, if you can opt for newer models, they can deliver more stable performance and better audio quality.

Check signal range

Since we’re talking about using a Bluetooth speaker in the office, range will probably not be an issue for most users. Models that support at least a distance of 10 meters from the signal source are sufficient for most people.

However, those who live in larger homes and are keen to hear the sound anywhere in the environment should pay attention to models with greater range. You can find speakers with a signal range of up to 30 meters.

Attention to battery life

Battery life is one of the most important factors to watch out for in a Bluetooth speaker. The capacity spectrum is wide, but we recommend that you opt for models that sustain at least 6 hours of continuous use. Some larger versions may have a battery with a playback capacity of up to 12 hours.

Remember that, as you will be at home, recharging the device will not be a problem, as there will always be an outlet nearby. However, when the pandemic passes, if you want to move around with the speaker, you will certainly consider battery life as a differentiator: the bigger it is, the better.

Compatibility with Social Mode or Multi Pairing

If you intend to share the speaker with other people, then the feature known as “social mode” or “multi pairing” is also important. It allows more than one device to be synchronized with the speaker at the same time, preventing a new pairing from having to be performed every time.

You can keep your cell phone and that of another person, for example, active simultaneously. Both will be able to choose songs and send commands to the speaker. This feature is also extremely useful for later use at parties or get-togethers where multiple people choose songs.

Bonus: extra features

The four items above are decisive for you to choose a Bluetooth speaker, but there are other issues that can be analyzed, such as the extra features. For example, some models are waterproof and can be used in the bathroom or in damp environments such as near swimming pools.

There are versions that come with their own apps that can be downloaded on the smartphone, providing greater equalization control. Finally, there’s the design issue: the speakers are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes, and some even have LED lights for an even more incredible effect. In that case, everything depends solely on your taste.

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