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5 Basic Computer Accessories Your Business Must Have


What are the most important computer accessories every office should have? The list is certainly longer than what we’ll present here, but the fact is that some items always need to be available because you never know when you’ll need them.

Regardless of whether you work in a conventional office or home office , know that as well as tables, chairs and computers, there are other items that need to be considered when setting up your infrastructure. In this article, we’ve listed five of those items that should be present in any company.

File Storage Devices

How do I transfer a large size file from one machine to another? How to back up your files frequently? The solution to these and other problems lies in external storage devices. The list includes pen drives , memory cards and external hard drives.

You never know when you’re going to need them. Memory cards are handy as they allow you to save cell phone content and download it directly to your computer. On the other hand, pen drives and external hard drives are the best solutions for transporting files and backups, respectively.

Paper shredder

Many offices do not pay enough attention to safe document disposal. Entire pages of reports go to waste, exposing sensitive customer and company-wide data. Not everyone remembers to tear up papers in order to make their information unintelligible.

The solution to this problem is to resort to paper shredders. In addition to being a simple way to protect personal data on waste papers, they help to organize your waste so that you can forward the properly shredded papers for recycling. This is an item still missing from many companies.


In some cities, the power grid can be intermittent, being subject to power outages several times throughout the week. While modern equipment is safer, plugged-in electronics are exposed to electrical overloads in the comings and goings of power.

UPS can prevent equipment damage by minimizing the risk of data loss. In addition, it avoids short circuits, voltage surges and electrical overloads, allowing the machines to continue operating even with power interruption. The fact that there is enough time to safely turn off computers justifies the investment.

Multifunction printer

You never know when you’ll need a copy of a document or a printout of a file that isn’t valid in digital format alone. If in offices the acquisition of MFPs is common, there are still many people who do home offices who are reluctant to purchase this type of equipment.

Trust me, this is a worthwhile investment. There are dozens of models on the market capable of serving both professionals and companies with greater demand for prints. Choose the complete equipment and have all possible solutions in a single electronic.

mouse and keyboard

As with any electronics, mouse and keyboard are subject to malfunction. Accidents with liquids, for example, are among the main causes of problems with these devices. What to do if one of them just stops working all of a sudden?

The recommendation is that you have a spare mouse and keyboard at all times. Even those who use laptops can still save their equipment if they can connect a mouse or keyboard to them. No matter how simple the models chosen, always have an alternative in your office, even for testing purposes.

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