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5 apps and online services to increase productivity in the home office


The Home Office modality became part of the reality of many Brazilians in 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most companies were forced to adopt online working methods so as not to remain idle.

Not all were prepared for this form of management. Many companies are now discovering online work tools that may be able to increase productivity. For those who are far from the team, organization and good communication are essential for everything to go as expected.

In this article, we’ve listed five apps and online services that can make a difference at work , regardless of your area of ​​expertise.

1. Microsoft Teams

The Office application package is without a doubt the most used in Brazilian offices. Tools like Word, Excel and Power Point are essential in the daily lives of millions of users. Microsoft Teams is the communication tool capable of integrating all these online services.

The work hub allows the creation of groups, private channels or the exchange of individual messages with the possibility of sharing tasks. It is possible to edit texts online collaboratively, simplifying work and allowing teams to stay connected even from a distance. 


2. Trello

Organization is essential in any type of work and when we talk about Home Office this item is even more important. Trello is the perfect tool for organizing workflows. Using the Kanban method, the proposal is to organize cards in columns and allow managers to monitor the production status in real time.

Trello can also function as an information center, allowing the user to save links, attach files and add images. As this is a widely used tool, there is full integration with Google Chrome browser, Gmail and Google Calendar.


3. Toggl

For those who are concerned about the amount of hours needed to develop a task, the tip is an online service called Toggl. It works as a kind of timecard for tasks. When starting an activity, just “play” on the timer for the registration to be carried out.

The main advantage is that all team members can follow the performance of their colleagues. For teams of up to five people, the platform is completely free. On top of that, you need to pay a monthly subscription to add more contacts.


4. Zoom

Videoconference meetings are part of the routine of those who work at a distance. The big advantage is that there are numerous free tools capable of bringing together several people in one place. The most popular at the moment is Zoom.

It allows streaming HD video with quality audio, screen sharing and even the ability to record meetings. Most of the features are offered for free, but in the premium version it is possible to gather up to a thousand people in the same room. Zoom is also available in mobile versions.


5. Strict Workflow

For those not used to working from home, social media and online gaming can be an impossible distraction. It’s not very difficult to get lost and spend hours sailing aimlessly, especially when there’s no one around to blame us for it. The Strict Workflow extension for Google Chrome solves this problem.

You can add websites to the system and temporarily block them. There is a pre-programmed list with some of them, but you can add as many as you like. The software uses the “pomodoro” method, which offers 5 minutes of “off” for every 25 minutes of work. It is a practical and useful tool for those who do not want to lose focus.

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