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5 Advantages of Using the Office 365 App Suite in Your Business


For nearly three decades, the Microsoft Office suite of applications has been synonymous with an office work tool. Virtually all users have some familiarity with programs like Word, Excel and Power Point and it is no coincidence that they are considered essential in any business.

However, since the first version was released in the early 90’s a lot has changed. Today, more than offering productivity tools, aspects such as collaborative work and security have become essential. Using the Office 365 suite brings a series of benefits to your company.

Unfortunately, there are still companies that use older versions of software or even “pirate” applications in an attempt to save on licenses. However, this “economy” proves to be more harmful than beneficial, as workers no longer have a series of resources that could contribute to increasing productivity.

1. Online storage: access files anywhere

The Office 365 subscription, which will be renamed Microsoft 365, brings as an advantage 1 TB of online storage space in the One Drive service. This space is more than enough for you to store around 1 million Office documents or 400,000 photos, freeing up considerable space on your computer’s hard drive.

The main advantage of storing files in the cloud is the possibility to access them from anywhere. All you have to do is connect to the internet and log in with your account, either on your cell phone or on your PC, and all the content will be available for download in a simple and quick way.

2. Possibility of sharing the account

For those who choose the Home version of Office 365, the main advantage is the possibility of sharing your subscription with up to five people. Thus, each user will have an individual account, but the benefits offered by the package are available to everyone.

In other words, each user is entitled to 1TB of storage space. However, the account administrator can make changes if desired. This is a very cost-effective way to equip your family with top-notch software.

3. Collaborative work in real time

This is one of the main advantages that old versions or pirated software cannot offer: the possibility of collaborative work in real time. By sharing files with other accounts, you can write text or edit a spreadsheet collectively.

Everyone has real-time access to the changes being made. In addition, for managers, it is possible to check the history of changes, which makes the process of understanding who is responsible for each of the steps of a job simpler. In times of home office and social distance, this feature becomes essential.

4. Software and security updates

When it comes to transacting information in online environments, data security is an essential aspect. For this reason, Office 365 proves to be more advantageous, as it guarantees users availability of updates for the duration of the subscription, as well as bug fixes and security holes every month.

Those who keep their software up to date are at less risk of having security holes exploited by malicious people. So if you want an extra guarantee of reliability for your data, then turning to this solution from Microsoft is one of the best alternatives when dealing with a suite of office applications.

5. Integrated communication tools

Finally, the integration provided by Office 365 is not just limited to traditional applications. The software license is also the gateway to other Microsoft communications solutions, which include messengers and video conferencing services such as Skype and Microsoft Teams.

All of these solutions are available not only on Windows and Mac OS versions but also on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This means that all this set of advantages is also accessible via cell phone, which is certainly a significant differential for those who work at a distance or are doing home office at the moment.  

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